Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New year one and all!

The strangest thing happened today! My zune completely froze on the start up screen. I tried everything to revive it but nothing worked! I went online and tried to figure out what to do and I found out it wasn't just mine! So I went to my dad, since he is a computer nerd and all (heehee just kidding dad. ^_^), he found out a way to fix it and my zune started to work but then I tried to sync it to my computer and it didn't work! Ugh! Microsoft needs to fix this right now. Anyway I'm still looking at some things just to find out why this happened and people are saying it's so many different things Y2K9( I thought that at first ^_^),aliens, and the most reasonable one an error in the codes at microsoft. Hopefully microsoft will figure this out before the new year. Well Happy New Year anyway! =]

Monday, December 29, 2008

Whats up puddin' cup?

Well hi there, welcome to my completly random act of boredness blog, you lucky lucky fool! Okay so maybe you aren't that lucky but hey stick around and you might find something interesting. I basically made this so I could rant about random things I find idiotic or just talk about something. Well more soon when I find something interesting. Adios lovely person whom I do not know!